Oh, Fudge!

kilwins panama city beach fl

Kilwins Panama City Beach FL

“Sweet in every Sense since 1947.”

The Kilwin’s slogan truly says it all. As soon as you get close to Kilwin’s, you’ll be able to smell the aroma of this sugary dreamland.

Pause in front of the shop to look through the giant windows. Just on the other side of these windows is where the Kilwin’s team creates all of the sweet treats and world-famous fudge.

The Mackinac fudge is the star of the show at Kilwin’s. The chocolate, butter and sugar mixture is poured out of a copper kettle onto a marble table and paddled with a special fudge paddle into a log shape. The fudge is then cut into traditional oval servings and weighed to be sold.

This spectacle is great for kids!

The classic chocolate fudge is an original favorite, but one Kilwin’s employee claims there is a new favorite on the block.

“Our signature turtle fudge is the most popular fudge,” she says. “We take our classic chocolate fudge and add in pecans and caramel.”

In addition to fudge, Kilwin’s has ice cream and other treats waiting to be devoured.

The sea salt and caramel ice cream is fast becoming a local favorite at Kilwin’s in Panama City Beach. The mixture of salty and sweet in cool, decadent ice cream is the perfect treat for a warm summer day.

Kilwin’s loves to experiment with different ideas and change the way people are eating sweets. That being said, it’s no surprise that Kilwin’s is hand-dipping mint flavored Oreos in melted dark chocolate and dusting them with green sprinkles.

Prefer your treat on a stick? Try one of Kilwin’s giant marshmallows dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate and covered in sprinkles – a perfect handheld treat for your stroll around Pier Park.

Bring the whole family and indulge your sweet tooth at Kilwin’s!

Kilwin’s is located at 821 Pier Park Drive Suite 100 in Panama City Beach FL. For more information, visit the Kilwin’s website or call (850) 230-4177.

– Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels