It’s a Normal Village … Just Smaller

little village panama city beach fl

Little Village Panama City Beach FL

We are usually known for our white sand beaches and rightfully so. But there’s a whole side of Panama City that is full of hidden gems. One of those gems? Little Village.

Little Village is a small boutique shop that has tons of eclectic clothing, jewelry, accessories and much more. But what is really setting Little Village apart from the other gift shops in Panama city? We asked Lindsey, the Manager.  

“We always try to find unique items from around the world,” she says. And it’s this global selection of gifts that make Little Village a favorite among locals. But the locals aren’t the only ones. Anne, a loyal employee at Little Village, thinks there is a bit of magnetism at play.

“I think people are just drawn to this shop,” she says. “People make it a point to stop here before they leave Panama City. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it.”

And tourists making an effort to come to Little Village during their visit is by design. Since the shop is constantly adding new trinkets and clothing, no two visits are created equal. Anne thinks multiple visits also give you a chance for another kind of connection.

“You never leave here without meeting a new friend,” says Anne. “You’re never alone.”

Little Village is also a cool place to just come and hang out. The event calendar stays packed full of live music performances and game nights on Thursdays — come and flex your board game muscles. For a full list of events, make sure to check out the Event Calendar.

Shop til’ you drop … on a big comfy couch.

Little Village is located at 2808 W 12th St, Panama City, FL. For more information, visit the Little Village website or call (850) 215-8780.