Follow the Pink Boxes

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Thomas Donut and Snack Shop Laguna Beach FL

Mmm, donuts.

Now that we have the Homer reference out of the way, we can talk to you about Thomas’ Donut and Snack Shop in Laguna Beach. Since 1971, Thomas’ has been making locals and tourists pump the brakes and pull over.

But the Thomas’ location wasn’t always slinging the sugary stuff. Patti, a long time employee at Thomas’, told us that the building was originally a beer, bait and ice store. The dated building adds a certain aesthetic to Thomas’.

“People truly love the atmosphere here,” Patti says. “It has that old vibe inside that you don’t see too often anymore.”

And Thomas’ isn’t just relying on nostalgia to get people in the door. The donuts are good — really good.

“It’s not uncommon for us to have a line going down the street,” Patti says. “And it’s not just locals. Tourists will wait in line all morning for donuts.”

According to Patti, it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is holding the goods around town.

“The bright pink boxes are pretty iconic in this area,” she says. “If you have the pink box, people know you’ve been to Thomas’.”

Thomas’ isn’t quitting at donuts either. There is an extensive breakfast and lunch menu for even the biggest appetites in Panama City Beach. We asked Patti if there are any stand out favorites.

“People really love our footlong chili dogs,” she says. “We also have a something we call ‘Southern Poutine.’”

Southern Poutine is “a giant order of french fries topped with fresh pimento cheese and sausage gravy.”

It’s worth the wait at Thomas’.

Thomas Donut and Snack Shop is located at 19208 Front Beach Rd Panama City Beach, FL. For more information, visit the Thomas Donut and Snack Shop website or call (850) 234-8039.